I’m easy to please (just do the basics for me but brilliantly please), however I am also extremely fussy – show me attention to detail – in other words I notice things.
So what actually warrants a Michelin Star? It’s simple really… do whatever you are doing with love! If you are preparing food, then prepare and serve it as you would for your own family–with love! That is how organisations achieve a Michelin Star. So superhost Zoe – I award you a Michelin Star👏👏👏
You host for AirB&B as though you are hosting for those who are nearest and dearest to you. You do it with love. I guess you find happiness in delighting others?
If you read my trip advisor reviews you will find I “say it as I see it”, with courtesy and respect of course. I believe It is only fair to share experiences truthfully so people and organisations can learn. Fastidiously clean (I’m pedantic about hygiene), excellence in quality of furnishings, design and thoughtfulness! Soaps and accoutrements are tasteful and ooze quality in every particular. My wife calls me the relentless improver… and for Wee Ness Lodge I am lost for words as to how to improve things – that’s a first!!
I’m not going to list all the extras, facilities and attention to detail – way too many of them at Wee Ness Lodge. Thank you Zoe, you absolutely made our special occasion. Enjoy my award of a Michelin Star… I have never ever presented one before 😀. To the reader – make this your first choice of accommodation in the Scottish Highlands🙂 One last thought, I wonder where Zoe learnt such skills, she could share so much knowledge with others in the hospitality sector.